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5774 Community Education

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Join others & …

...explore our deep and wide Jewish tradition
…grow toward our expression of sacred community
…welcome and integrate a diversity of Jews and their families:
   interfaith and inter-racial couples,
   new Jews and seekers,
   Jews of color,
   gay and lesbian individuals and families,
   single adults and blended families,
   rich and poor,
   young and old and in between,
   women and men,
   those who feel disconnected or distant,
   those who are actively involved

Suggest Future Courses


Movie Nights

Second Tuesday evenings, 7pm, monthly. Check the weekly message for this month's details.

Havdalah Song Jam

First Saturday night monthly, 7-8pm. We will start our evening with Havdalah songs (and blessings) and combat the weekday blahs by singing together a mix of songs, some that are lively and some that are meditative, some that involve movement, and many that involve harmonies. We have invited musicians to accompany our singing (drummers, guitarists, clarinetists, and more.) You don't need a great voice to participate; all that's required is liking to sing. Led by Andi Waisman.

Torah Study

Last Shabbat monthly, 11:30am - 1:00pm. We will gather to study the weekly Torah portion with both BAJC and visiting scholars. For this month's details, check the home page or our weekly messgage.



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